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GuardSys™ - Speed and Reliability

What defines us the most is the satisfaction of our clients. We have a long track record of delivering to our clients no matter what service they need. Repair, upgrade or installation. We get it done.

Who Are We

GuardSys™ has over 45 years of combined experience in keeping your homes and businesses safe and compliant. There isn’t a problem we can’t solve and alarm repair that’s beyond our capabilities. We are here to make your custom alarm security system

Our Mission

GuardSys strives to be the best when it comes to saving your assets, premises, and lives by offering top-notch services in the domain of fire and burglar alarms. With the vast experience we have collected over the years, we are confident that we are living up to our mission.

What We Do

Working Process



First, we need to get in touch with you. After you are satisfied with our price estimation and you book our services we will need to talk to you and get to work.



Defining the needed alarm system is the crucial step.After we check everything and make sure that your property has a good alarm match then we can be sure that the alarm system is the one for you.



Designing a layout for the security system is the core element of actually using the system properly for the specific use case. Your use case. this is the job our engineers are extremely good at.



We will develop the optimal security level in accordance with your needs. Motion sensors, microwave detectors, IR detectors, vibration detectors and others will be evaluated for your use case.



Installation of everything takes time but our engineers are very capable and everything will be done in a timely manner. Once your system is ready we will deploy it and make sure everything runs smoothly.



This is where we hand everything to you. Everything has been installed and your property’s safety has drastically increased against intruders and fire. After this step the system should be maintained and repaired as necessary.

About Us And Our Alarm Repair Services

If you need an alarm repair service then the question is who are you going to call? Your repair service provider needs to demonstrate trust, expertise and longevity. Many businesses enter this line of work but only a few last long in it. We help, provide services, innovate and offer our expertise that puts us at the top of the alarm repair and installation industry. We are a company based in London and we operate within the M25 corridor. If you are within the area we service then you should definitely book us for any alarm repair you need. We won’t waste your time or confuse you with complex terminology. What’s more, we have developed our own in house tools that allow you, the customer, to chose your own alarm system prior to even talking with our engineers. You can easily get the price, the exact system you need and book a meeting with the engineer. You can do all of that without having to invest yourself in a meeting and having to learn the terminology and complexity of the task.

Our booking system is unique in the industry and we designed it to fulfill your needs in the most efficient and user friendly way as possible. That’s because we value your time and safety. Booking our alarm repair service or any other service is really straightforward. You will see the prices and be able to book on any of the available dates. Book the engineer in real-time and we will notify the nearest GuardSys™ engineer that has the expertise with the alarm system you are having problems with. Alarm repair is something that becomes on top of your to-do list if your alarm systems are failing. Especially if you are a business owner. You could be failing to meet compliance standards and regulations and putting your business at risk. But even if you are a home owner, alarm repair should be performed as soon as you are aware of the issue. Don’t jeopardize your home. Burglar and fire alarms need to be up and running 24/7.


We are ready to talk with you

GuardSys™ offers a fast and reliable solution for alarm repair. We know the drill, everything we do we did a thousand times. There are no delays, we have the spare parts, we are organized and we have some of the best engineers there are in this line of work. You shouldn’t satisfy with mediocre service. Especially when it comes to the alarm systems and alarm repair. Every last one of our engineers has earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering and has an immense amount of real world experience. They are security screened to BS7858 standard and poses a valid ECS Health and Safety card. We take the question of who works with our clients seriously. That’s one of the ways we are able to offer superior services that will leave all of your alarm needs satisfied in a fast, efficient and as less time consuming manner as possible.  If you need alarm repair service, book us now, don’t delay. The problem won’t go away on its own and we are the best in solving it. We always advocate for top standards in this industry and we do as we preach. No repair provider should keep you waiting any longer than necessary and ideally, everything should be back in working order as soon as the engineers leave the premises.

Why Choose Us?

Our engineer willing to help you different type of solutions.  Customer satisification is our main goal.

Repair service can take from 1h to couple of hours depending on the complexity of the fault, the system condition and service history.Our experienced engineers will be able to talk you through the situation once on site and have started the diagnostic process.

Our engineers have vast experience and knowledge of different types of systems from the well know Texecom and Pyronix to not so widely used on the UK market Paradox, Jablotron and Satel.However sometimes you may not even be sure what type of system you have in place in the case where you have inherited older system with the property, so please call our friendliest team and they will be able to answer all your questions.

Yes we can carry out repair services to number of different systems which have not been installed by our company and we have 90% success rate of fixing your system.
In the rare cases where we can’t assist with a repair we can help out with an upgrade option of your system.

Everything is depend on parts needs to be ordered and how quick delivery can be done . Usually we have everything in our warehouse up to 7 working days unless it is special order .After that we will contact you to discuss installation date.

Thats unfortunately is not possible . There is a lot of details what can affect final price . Those details can be taken when engineer have a repair visit or we can arrange site survey appointment.

We do work only with professional manufacture therefore we do not install any DIY systems . All part have a manufacturer warranty for 1 year .

Would you like to start a project with us?