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Alarm Keypad


Door Contact Micro


Standard Door Contact


Panic Attack Button


Window Shock Sensor


Compact Motion Detector


Pet Friendly Motion Detector


Kitchen Motion Detector


External Siren Bell


Alarm Fobs


Application Control

Estimate Total Price : 120
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Alarm Installation Cost – Simple and Effective Way of Giving You The System and Price Without a Phone call

Yes. That’s right. No initial phone call needed or any consultation with our engineers. You can get the alarm installation cost without having to invest yourself in a conversation and without going back and forth with the engineer.

It is only after you are satisfied with our price offer that you are free to book an engineer. We would love that to happen but we created a way for you to feel no obligation while considering our services. That way you can have peace of mind and consider everything on your own prior to booking us.

Our build your own alarm service will give you the alarm installation cost and the exact match alarm system your premises will need. Regardless of the type of property you are trying to protect with the security system.

How our alarm installation cost service works

No technical knowledge is required. No personal information is needed. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your property like how many floors does it have, how many windows are on the ground floor, how many entry points, if the property is under construction and similar.

These questions will let our system choose an alarm system and give you the estimated alarm installation cost. The questionnaire is followed with images and descriptions so that it is easier to complete. Most people answer the questions and get the price in under a minute.

While the actual design and layout of the security system is a complex process that requires the alarm engineer, the selection of the system and general upfront cost estimate can be achieved without the talk with the engineer. This is possible with the carefully selected set of questions we came up with thanks to the decades of experience in this line of work.

The answers to the questions provide our system with information like how many sensors will we need to install, if it’s possible to use a wired connection or will a wireless system be needed and other information that is essential in choosing a system and giving an alarm installation cost estimate. We value your time and transparency with our customers. To prove that, we created a no obligation system that lets you get the alarm system match yourself.

Our system allows you to sit after your day at work, relax and get everything in front of you prior to deciding to go with our services. It is much better for you if you are not overwhelmed with these questions when making the first contact with the alarm engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a burglar and fire alarm?

In the UK it is the law that if you own, manage or operate a business that you need to stay compliant with fire safety laws. This includes the fire alarm being installed and functional. Likewise, if you own a property other than individual private homes, you are likely to need a fire alarm to stay compliant. The regulations are subject to change but you should always stay on the safe side. When it comes to burglar alarms you are definitely better safe than sorry. With the high number of breakings and entering happening every year it is not a good idea to have any kind of property unprotected.

What is the best intruder alarm for my home or a business?

This depends on many factors like if your property is in the construction phase or already built, how many entry points you have, how many windows on the ground floor, what is the level of threat in your area, is your business or home likely to attract higher than usual attention of burglars and etc. Our team of experts will help you in determining what is the best alarm that you should use. However, you can also do this yourself using our interactive questionnaire and get the exact match system prior to speaking with us. Our team will of course verify this with your property on site before we start the installation.

What are some common alarm systems types?

The most commonly used alarm systems are electric current systems, wired and wireless alarm systems.

What alarm system type is the best?

Generally speaking, some of the best systems are monitored and are wireless but this will depend a lot on your particular case.

Do I need a monitored alarm system?

This should be discussed with our engineers but if your business or home is likely to attract crime then you should use a monitored system.

Can I repair my broken alarm system myself?

Not unless you are a licensed engineer. This is a highly inadvisable thing to even attempt. The alarm systems are complex and some models have lethal voltages. To avoid injury or death please do not attempt any sort of self maintenance or repair. By tampering with the system you could also cause further damage which would increase the repair cost or you could compromise the safety level the system provides even if you do manage to get it fixed yourself.

Why you should book us for the installation

With more than 45 years of combined experience, the team at Guard Security Systems, is able to protect any type of premises. Commercial or Residential. No project is too difficult for us and we are able to design, install, repair and maintain the alarm system in accordance with the highest standards and all regulatory compliance. All security systems we install are Nacoss approved. The National Approval Council for Security Systems approves only the top quality alarm systems.

Our alarm engineers are highly experienced, have obtained Master’s degrees in Mechanical engineering and are very friendly to work with. There isn’t a problem our team can’t handle or the building where we can’t design and install the security alarms under the highest standards.

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