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Our team is always available for an emergency response. If your alarm is malfunctioning you are not safe and we will take action to identify the problem and fix it without any unnecessary delay.

Emergency Alarm Repair in London

If your alarm is misbehaving or is completely unresponsive then you and your property are in danger. What is the point of an alarm system if it is broken? Emergency alarm repair services are there to fix the issue as soon as possible but you have to act first and book an emergency repair. Don’t wait because the crime doesn’t wait.

Your emergency alarm repair provider needs to be experienced with the system at hand, have the spare parts immediately and put everything in the working order the way it was designed to be. A poor service technician may even leave vulnerabilities in the system so be careful who you choose to hire.

We at Guard Security Systems have over 45 years of combined experience in the safety industry, have the best and most professional engineers, we keep a big stock of spare parts for almost every system there is and we are aware of the best security design practices. What does this mean for you exactly? This means that we can do an emergency alarm repair with almost every system even if we didn’t install it ourselves. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and we can help you immediately.

Safety warning

You should under no circumstances attempt to do repair yourself. Depending on the model, security systems can work with high voltages and have lethal electricity. These systems are complex, some more than others, but it is not a good idea to thinker around the system yourself. While dusting and cleaning the system in accordance with the manual and the explanation the engineers gave you during the installation is okay, any sort of actual work on the system needs to be done by a licensed professional. Even if you do get it up and running yourself, thanks to the complexity of these systems a professional needs to examine how the problem happened in the first place and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. No alarm fault happens just like that. Everything has a cause and it will happen again if it is not prevented. Not to mention that the system is now compromised unless reviewed by a professional who establishes that everything is ready for the alarm to serve its purpose if something bad were to happen. Let’s see some examples of what can cause issues in alarm systems.

alarm service engineer

Common reasons behind the alarm system faults

False alarms, beeping in the middle of the night, unresponsive alarms and other issues have some of the common faults but these are by no means the only things that can happen. There are a lot more issues that the systems can experience depending on the model and specific case. Faulty sensors are an often cause of unresponsive alarms and false alarms. Their complex inside machinery can become faulty. Inside of the sensors are special pins that are designed to pick up the vibrations and set off the alarm. Sometimes these pins are not aligned properly anymore and then they need to be replaced.

A faulty control panel or a keypad is also a common issue. The whole system depends on this control panel so if it becomes unresponsive, gets frozen often or it shows tamper and zone faults then it will need to be fixed or replaced depending on the model and the problem it is experiencing. The battery powering the system may be compromised. Low power buttery whose capacity or voltage that is reaching near end may cause issues or if the battery died from some other reasons like being faulty from the factory setting. Whatever the reasons your alarm system is faulty we can repair it. There isn’t an alarm system that’s too complex for us and we offer 24/7 emergency alarm repair in London. Just give us a call and we will be on the way.

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